Jisatsu (pinkujisatsu) wrote in ryuhei_matsuda,

new comm & dvd extras.

New Ryuhei community....

I wasn't so sure about doing this, since this community exist and people is posting to it. but it seems to be kind of abandoned, without a layout change since ages, no tags, no memories, nothing at all...  I tried to contact the mod but it was fruitless.

so with encourage of other people I ended creating a community for Ryuhei, it will have tags, everything in order and such....  I hope people don't mind and welcome the new community...

I uploaded the 46 okunen no Koi // Big Bang Love, Juvenile A DVD EXTRAS with Ryuhei , which means:

Making Of

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I joined! Yay for new community! I really like the layout!

I downloaded the dvd extras! I can't wait to watch it!
Hooray! I joined too! Thanks so much for starting this new community ... I was wondering why the other one was so inactive. BTW, dayoneexposure, I love your avatar ... so cute. :)

Can't wait to see the new cm & downloads ... :)

I joined! Very nice layout.
I'm excited about the new place too! Anywhere where there is more Ryuhei, there is, er, more of me.

Thanks for all the great downloads/links!
That's great news! The new place looks fantastic. Ryuhei deserves it...

*going to join the new community now*

See you there!
I'll join,of course!!!Thank you so much for it!!^_^
It's cos this com's mod runs through obsessions more than I do underwear.