chibetiti (chibetiti) wrote in ryuhei_matsuda,

New hair =^.^=

Type your cut contents here.

:"> woa

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oooh awesome thankyou!!! *__*
Thanks for the pictures! But...I'm not sure why he can't get a root touch-up; especially if he's going to be filmed with such contrasting hair colours. I refuse to believe they wanted that half-grown out look for a movie.
I love him. Sigh.
wow omg his hair! looks cool though and awesome as ever XD thanks for the share! ^^

Deleted comment

Haha. Red-orange is not his color. But thanks for sharing. I needed that.
oh yeah, like you'd say no ;)
Of course not...I would never be able to say no to that.
he kinda looks more like his brother now
hahaha i screen captured these too! too delicious. did you get annoyed by the line on the first pic too? (by first i mean the last one you've posted)
god he looks bloody wonderful like this.... :9
Wow !!! Whatever he does is sooooo wonderful !!! Still looks absolutely Hot and so mysterious !!! Gorgeous !!
Thanks a lot for these pics !!!