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Ryuhei Matsuda fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ryuhei Matsuda fans

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Selling Movies [17 Mar 2012|12:14pm]

Hi i'm selling a Ryuhei film here >>>> http://shinjimimura03.livejournal.com/254831.html#cutid1 aswell as others you may enjoy


Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu audio cd/book [12 Dec 2008|11:01pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi i don't know if this is allowed..if it isn't you can delete it. But I'm selling a Matsuda Ryuhei audio cd/book of Sekachuu that I only listened to once for $10 plus shipping and handling depending on where you are. Please leave a comment if you're interested. Thank You~!


[03 Aug 2008|11:47pm]

15 Ryuhei Matsuda icons + 1 banner HERE


[SELLING] 9 Souls DVD [09 Feb 2008|01:39pm]


Hi, I checked the rules and didn't see anything restricting sales posts, so...

FOR SALE: 9 Souls US-release DVD (region 1)

Price: $10, not including shipping costs.

This item is used but in excellent condition. I accept money through Paypal only. Sorry, but I don't do trades.

If you're interested, either comment on this post with your e-mail address & zip code (so I can calculate shipping costs), or e-mail me the necessary information at 7a7a4sale [at] gmail [dot] com (please write something to the extent of "9 Souls DVD" in the subject line so I know you aren't spam).

Thank you & have a nice day! :D/



new comm & dvd extras. [11 Aug 2007|02:07am]

New Ryuhei community....

I wasn't so sure about doing this, since this community exist and people is posting to it. but it seems to be kind of abandoned, without a layout change since ages, no tags, no memories, nothing at all...  I tried to contact the mod but it was fruitless.

so with encourage of other people I ended creating a community for Ryuhei, it will have tags, everything in order and such....  I hope people don't mind and welcome the new community...

I uploaded the 46 okunen no Koi // Big Bang Love, Juvenile A DVD EXTRAS with Ryuhei , which means:

Making Of

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Boon Magazine (edit: added better scans) [06 Aug 2007|03:35pm]

Finally got around to scanning the Boon Magazine pictures from the May issue...

Follow for scans!Collapse )
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New Film [04 Aug 2007|12:28am]


 Ryuhei's new film XD : http://www.densen-uta.jp/index2.html

Does anyone know more about this film ? It's Jpese. So, i don't undersand anything -_- But his new hair's so strange >.> I like black hair
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Ryuhei Matsuda Icons 2x [27 Jul 2007|03:43pm]


Can anyone tell who is this girl, he has photoshoots with her?
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New hair =^.^= [25 Jul 2007|05:22pm]


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Ryuhei in a magazine [15 Jul 2007|12:15am]


Men's Nono Cover Aug 07 :  http://mensnonno.shueisha.co.jp/home.html

Sz but it's Jpese -___- so, i can't tell u what it's talking about
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hi [12 Jul 2007|11:09pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm french.Sorry my english is very very bad.
I' m fan of Ryuhei.
I would like to share you some icons that I have make.

Sorry I don't understand livejournal  :S

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Looking for Ryuhei and Shota pictures! [07 Jul 2007|02:25pm]

Does anybody have any pictures of Ryuhei with his brother or his mom? I just watched a drama with Shota in it and was shocked at how much they looked alike!

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Icons [03 Jul 2007|01:22pm]

Yesterday, I was bored so I made those icons. ><


Please enjoy! :3
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Nightmare Detective at NYC Japan Society Film Festival [30 Jun 2007|02:27pm]

I haven't been able to get to see any films in a few years, but it was here, at the NY Japan Society that I got to see "Blue Spring" for the first time.

And now they have "Nightmare Detective" Starring Ryuhei! I really wish I wasn't out of town this weekend. :(

NY Japan Society Film Festival guide

NY fans [30 Jun 2007|02:09pm]


I had forgotten that it was time for the NY Asian Film Festival. I'm gonna be out of town...:(

^^ [30 Jun 2007|12:53pm]


Something about ??? ( sorry I don't know Japanese -.-)



( Many picture, maybe it's old )

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help :O [28 Jun 2007|07:26pm]

I made a post the other day about a layout, and now Ive decided to be a little greedy.

Can someone bring in Ryuhei for my Toshiya muse (yes the dude from Dir en grey) into the x_epinephrine rpg?

Totally crack I know but..when I sat down and thought about it....they look hot together..:B

So if anyone here actually plays him as a muse or...would just like to try for the hell of it, check out the comm and/or poke me on AIM (pachinkojesus)

thanks soooo much! and if this isnt allowed please delet ^_^;;
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[27 Jun 2007|05:03pm]

Hello ^^

Im new to the comm. Seen most of Matsudas movies, all really amazing.

I did have a tiny request, I was wondering if anyone could make me a layout featuring him, from anyone of his movies. It would be greatly appreciated.


[icons] 018 46-okunen-no-koi [26 Jun 2007|07:24pm]

[ mood | blank ]

made some icons of 46-okunen-no-koi!


where do you really want to go

follow the fake cut ;]

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[15 Jun 2007|10:14pm]


Big Bang Love, Juvenile ACollapse )
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